Physical exams for all ages
Well child exams including vaccines

Newborn Care, inpatient and outpatient
Breastfeeding Support
Sports and camp physicals
Care of Chronic medical conditions
Osteopathic manipulation
Infusions for migraine management and acute symtpom relief

Removal of skin lesions
Abscess drainage
Splinting and casting of simple fractures
Cast removal
Insertion/Removal of IUD
Insertion/Removal of implantable contraceptive devices
Endometrial Biopsies
Colposcopy with Biopsy for abnormal pap smears
Ingrown Toenail removal
Newborn Circumcision
Treatment of asthma exacerbation
Joint Aspiration and/or injection
Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy


From newborns to seniors....

We provide ourselves on treating the entire family and giving quality care to all.

In office lab collection

We offer all patient the opportunity to have their labs drawn in office and will not have to go somewhere for their labs to be drawn.  This is a courtesy we offer to our patients for convenience and continuity of care.


Want to schedule?

If you wish to schedule a visit with our clinic, please call the office to schedule an appointment.  Once schedule you can fill out your new patient paperwork online and submit it to our office before your visit.